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The Hunley, a Confederate submarine with a place in history


Hunley, a Confederate submarine with a place in history

Addendum, August 26, 2017: "Scientists have solved a longstanding mystery about the first submarine ever to sink an enemy ship — what killed the sub's own crew. According to research led by Rachel Lance, who studied the incident during her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at Duke University, the crew were killed by massive lung and brain injuries caused indirectly by their own torpedo. The sunken submarine was found in 1995 and raised from the bottom in 2000. Mysteriously, the skeletons of all eight of the crew were all still at their stations, with no broken bones, and the sub was in very good condition, Lance reports. the sub's torpedo was a copper keg of gunpowder attached in front of the sub by a short pole called a spar that was rammed into the enemy ship by the advancing sub, not far from the crew inside the sub's hull. When the charge exploded, the blast would have caused the submarine's hull to transmit a powerful, secondary shock wave into the submarine, crushing their lungs and brain and killing them instantly. Lance calculated that each crew member had only a 15 per cent chance of survival from the blast."

CBCNews: "Scientists uncover what killed crew of Civil War sub H.L. Hunley"