Talking Proud Photo Gallery - In God we Trust. One nation under God.

A prayer at dinner in the chow hall


Please bless me Father. In battle, God is your only hope.


No prayer, no rodeo. Oh my God in heaven …

A moment with God


Our God. Many, perhaps most go to battle with God very much on their minds.


God is everywhere! Even on a small super island called Iwo Jima in the Pacific Ocean, WWII, March 2, 1945.


Battle weary Marines seek consolation with God. A painting depicting Christ, The Prince of Peace, consoling a battle-weary Marine, provides an appropriate background in the Korean tent, December 15, 1952 where Lt. Karl Ernst leads First Division leathernecks in prayer. The painting was executed by one of the marine in the outfit.


Soldier and his Chaplain. One with God.


‘Till death do us part. There are those in the world who heed those words and hold that philosophy of love and marriage. While these two are probably on their last laps, their loving embrace is as uplifting as it can get.


Gifts from God. The baby, the loving hands of grandparent.


Praise the Lord. People around the world, all ages, share the love.


I look at this, and ask: ”What are we all fighting about?”


Pure love. Is there anything more beautiful then the innocence shared between a dog and child?


A time and a will to meditate. When at war, one of the hardest things to do is to find the time, the place, and the will to meditate. These American soldiers have found those, in God.

Meet Father Hugh Black. He was a Catholic chaplain in Vietnam 1968-69. The troops are clearly out in the boondocks. But way to go padre, brewski in hand and a smile on your face. That’ll build troop confidence any day of the week.

Another side of serving as a military chaplain in combat. Chaplain John McNamara of Boston makes the sign of the cross as he administers the last rites to photographer Dickey Chapelle in South Vietnam Nov. 4, 1965. Chapelle was covering a U.S. Marine unit on a combat operation near Chu Lai for the National Observer when she was seriously wounded, along with four Marines, by an exploding mine. She died in a helicopter en route to a hospital. She became the first female war correspondent to be killed in Vietnam, as well as the first American female reporter to be killed in action. Her body was repatriated with an honor guard consisting of six Marines and she was given full Marine burial. Photo credit: Henri Huet, AP. Presented by the Denver Post as part of a remarkable suite of Vietnam photos. I commend this site to you.

God loves soldiers. South Vietnam, November 20, 1966. Soldiers kneel during Mass at a 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry field camp near Plei Djereng. Conducting the service was the brigade's Catholic chaplain, Maj. Michael S. Filip of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Photo credit: Allen Fasholdt, Stars and Stripes (120909)

Simply get "to know someone who lives the Muslim life." May I introduce you to Captain (Chaplain) Sharior Rahman, United States Air Force. He has said, "My calling came over a number of events, namely 9-11. Here I am, I love serving my country, I love being here, but for the week after that, some people treated me differently. They were either scared of me or wanted to harm me. Out of that my calling is to teach the truth of what is Islam. All it takes is getting to know someone who lives the Muslim life. That one step will break down barriers and build relationships." Chaplain Sharior Rahman, Captain, USAF. (120909)


Children understand. A friend sent me this photo of a very young child praying, obviously the product of a wonderful family. I do not know who took the photo, but it is a most moving one.

In God We Trust, and we want our chaplain too! Look at this guy --- he looks tougher than nails, and he probably is. Meet Navy Captain Conrad Targonski, the new the assistant chief of staff for religious ministries. Here he is receiving a Meritorious Service Medal with a gold star in lieu of a third award for the program he ran with 3rd Marine Division, based in Okinawa, Japan. There are some very good books out about our military chaplains. They are far more important to our troops than I had ever known. Get 'em to heaven, skipper!

A "Servant of God." Father Emil Kapuan celebrates Holy Mass in the field in the early days of the Korean War. He was sent to Korea in July 1950, just after the North Korean invasion. In November, he was captured and held as a POW. He served as a POW for seven months, nursing the sick and wounded until a blood clot in his leg prevented his daily rounds. He died as a POW in May 1951. The paperwork has begun to canonize him as a "Servant of God." He received the Medal of Honor (posthumous) on April 11, 2013. Presented by Father Kapuan org.

Our military chaplains, wanted, needed. Lt. Cmdr. James L. Johnson, USN, chaplain for 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, USMC, kneels before a lighted cross before an evening prayer service here. "The honor, privilege and challenge of serving with the Marines are things that truly make for an amazing occupation, and I am here to assist them and be a counsel for them wherever they may go," said Johnson. Photo credit: Cpl. Dean Davis, USMC (122608)

Prayer a ritual before patrol: Airmen come together for a prayer November 4, 2008 at Forward Operating Base Falcon near Baghdad, Iraq. The Airmen traditionally pray before heading out on their mission to police the Abu T'shir area of the city where they partner with the Iraqi police. Photo credit: PO2 Todd Frantom, USN.

Every day a test. This young Iraqi boy has just challenged one of the Lord's workers, Chapel Assistant Senior Airman Charles Woford, in a soccer match outside Sather AB, Iraq, in June 2008. Every day is a test, even for the Lord's workers. Looks like Woford gave it his best. After brushing off the dust and dirt, he gets up again and gets ready for the next one. Nice work kid. Keep him on his toes! Photo credit: TSgt. Jeffret Allen.

Communities need God's guidance. Rochester, New York police sergeant Clifton Manns, Sr., left raises his hand in prayer with other police officers at the New Life Fellowship on June 21, 2008. More than 200 police officers, church pastors and community members gathered to ask God's help in ending community violence. One idea motivating this was to bring everyone together to teach community members those God-taught values to counter negative cultures advocated from so many other sources. Photo credit: Carlos Ortiz, staff photographer, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

First things first. Capt. Jonathon Knoedler, a squadron chaplain from Portland, Oregon, leads soldiers in prayer April 26, 2008, before a logistics mission to downtown Baghdad. Photo credit: 4 BCT, 10th Mountain.

God's beauty. A newly born fawn, with two grown horses, out in the field. The inquisitive fawn, and the horses don't mind. Nature at work. We understand the doe came for the fawn a bit later, so all is well.

A Marine officer and the "divine power of prayer" and God's discipline: This is Lt. Andrew Kinard before his congregation at First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, South Carolina. A Naval Academy graduate and Iraqi War veteran, Lt. Kinard lost both legs and suffered major internal injuries from a roadside bomb. His first stop out of Walter Reed Medical Center was his home church. He told the congregation, "I sit here today firmly convinced if it were not for the divine power of prayer, I would not be here to talk to you all ... without your prayers, I wouldn't have made it today." He talked in terms of prayer and feeling and growing from God's discipline. We commend the story by Jason Spencer, "Church pays tribute to Kinard's 'incredible journey.'" has made multiple progress stories available on the web. Photo credit: Alex C. Hicks

Bless me Father. In the midst of Battle of Iwo Jima, WWII, Marines pause for Sunday services. USMC photo, presented by the Star Bulletin.

Yes folks, meet #17, Jennifer Danielle Duggar and a happy and mom. This is Jennifer Danielle Duggar, the 17th child of Michelle Duggar, 40. Baby Jennifer was born on August 2, 2007 in Rogers, Arkansas, weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz, and stretching 21 inches long. The Duggars have 10 boys, seven girls, a 7,000 sq. ft. home, and all the kids have names starting with "J." Dad, Jim Bob, 42, says, "We are just so grateful to God for another gift from him." A Duggar has been born in every month of the year except June! Michelle has been pregnant for 10.5 years of her life. Photo credit: Beth Hall, AP

Americans' beliefs in God are what make them strong and free. Someone left a rosary at the World Trade Center site in New York City, hanging from a fence overlooking the site. This photo was taken on June 27, 2007. Most political systems fail that have failed to respect peoples' beliefs in God. Americans will not make that mistake and will fight anyone in government that tries to suppress those freedoms associated with our beliefs in God. Such freedoms are mandated by God, not by human kind. Photo credit: Mark Lennihan, AP

They died for God, country, and two Afghan children. Army Chaplain (Col.) Richard Rogers leads a prayer on March 25, 2003, for six airmen killed when their HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter crashed near Ghazni, Afghanistan. The crew was on its way to pick up two Afghan children for treatment in US military medical facilities at Bagram Air Base. First the chaplain, then homeward bound. Photo credit: Pvt. Terro Rorke, USA. Presented by Veterans Hour.

Standing watch for God. A Marine stands watch in an observation tower as a chaplain holds a mass on HIll 950, Repuiblic of Vietnam, July 31, 1967. Presented by

It's like this in every American town. This happens to be the First Lutheran Church in Ogema, Wisconsin. The town had 882 people in the 2000 census. It has four churches. Photo credit: Ed Marek

A Marine stands watch in a House of the Lord. He stands watch in honor of U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kurt Dechen, Springfield, Vermont, August 11, 2006. Dechen was killed on August 3 in Fallujah, Iraq. Hundreds of mourners packed the Springfield First Congregational Church to pay their respects, some listening in tears as Dechen was described as a man who loved people, Corvettes and sports but embraced his obligation as a Marine to the country and the world. Photo credit: Toby Talbot, AP

Praying during loss is a natural thing to do. Father Lawrence Biskner, top left, recites the rosary with parents of missing children, joined by a nurse, at the Cook County Morgue, Chicago, following the Our Lady of Angels School fire, December 1, 1958, that killed 92 children and three nuns. Photo presented by Our Lady of the Angels Fire Memorial.

The world's most lethal machine, the soldier, preparing to go to battle. US soldiers from Bravo Company 1-87 Infantry 10th Mountain Division 1st Brigade Combat Team, gather together to pray before setting off on a patrol of western Baghdad. Photo credit: David Furst, AFP

In God we trust. Nothing more to say. Photo credit: ©2000 Michael Cummings, Dallas, Texas

Ray Stubbe, holding services at Khe Sanh, Vietnam. Photo credit: Dick Swanson, 1966. Presented by Khe Sanh Veterans Home Page, dedicated to all who served and died at Khe Sanh  1962 - 1972

To men in combat, the Lord seems always nearby. A Marine at Con Thien, Vietnam wears his faith, alongside earthly goods, on his helmet. September/October 1967. "To every Marine on that hilltop the Lord always seemed nearby." War Without Heroes, p. 128. Photo credit: David Douglas Duncan. Presented by University of Texas at Austin

Farewell messages. A Canadian flag is pinned next to a picture of Pope John Paul II on a banner covered with small farewell messages near St Peter's Square in Vatican City. Photo credit: Menahem Kahana, AFP

A trooper about to go to war, a real maturing process. A chaplain with the 7th Marine Regiment baptizes a Marine at the Camp Ripper Chapel February 23, 2003 during Operation Enduring Freedom. Photo credit: U.S. Marines  photo

Sanctity of life. Dennis McBride of Augusta, Ga., prays for Terri Schiavo outside the Woodside Hospice, where Terri resides, Saturday, March 26, 2005, in Pinellas Park, Fla. McBride had just arrived after an all-night bus ride to the hospice with nearly two dozen members of his church. Terri Schiavo, severely sick from a heart attack years ago, has had her feeding tube removed and her parents have been unable to get it re-instated. One result has been an unprecedented outpouring of emotion, grief and prayer among the American population. Photo credit: Steve Nesius, AP

Mandatory Prayer to promote wellness. United States Marine Corps recruits take a moment for mandatory prayer before lights out at 9:00 P.M. in Parris Island, South Carolina, January 6, 2005. Recruits go through a twelve week training program where the objective is to instill self-discipline and confidence, high moral standards, warrior spirit, basic military knowledge and individual skills, physical fitness and wellness as a way of life, respect and love of Country and Corps. More than 21,000 new Marines leave Parris Island each year after graduating from recruit training. Picture taken January 6, 2005. Photo credit: Shannon Stapleton, Reuters

A pause to think. Seventh-graders Megan Brown, left, and Shannon Fitzpatrick pause at a monument to the Ten Commandments, March 25, 2004, on the State Capitol grounds in Jefferson City, Mo. Photo credit: Kelley McCall, AP

U.S. Marines pray over a fallen comrade at a first aid point after he died from wounds suffered in fighting in Fallujah, Iraq in this April 8, 2004 photo. Vaired faiths, varied backgrounds, varied beliefs, on their knees in prayer. What else would one do in this instance? Photo credit: Murad Sezer, AP

There is a historic link between God and the nation. You are looking at the front of Sandy Ridge Christian Church in Capon Bridge, West Virginia. This congregation formed in 1820, the first church was built in 1845, and this church was built in 1911. As you can see, the pastor has made sure to publicly ask God to bless America. America has been blessed, but it's always good to keep praying. Photo credit: Ed Marek

Soldiers pray, for themselves, and their buddies. Tank crews from the Alpha Company 4th Battalion 64 Armor Regiment pray during a heavy sand storm before convoying to a position near the Iraqi border March 19, 2003, among the first to invade Iraq. Soldiers in battle have a close relationship with their God. Photo credit: John Moore, AP

A Christian cross along with many American flags mark the mourning site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where United Airlines 93 crashed on 9-11 after being hijacked by foreign terrorists. All souls aboard died.

A woman attending a patriotic rally prays to her God before everyone, without hesitation.

Greek priest Papa Spiros prays as baseball fan Chris Davlantes stands behind him, before Game 7 of the National League Championship Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Florida Marlins , at Wrigley Field in Chicago, October 15, 2003. Photo credit: John Gress, Reuters