Talking Proud Photo Gallery - We dream and make them come true

He did

First, my New Year resolution. Then, step aside, I'm going down. Well maybe I'll sit here for just a bit more time!


Trying to find peace from within. It ain't easy.


Nothing else needed. The mountains, the ocean, and heaven above.


Awe man, perfecto. A Dream For One Who Wishes, A Lifestyle For The One Who Dares


Inspiration. Incredible photo, and perhaps a vision from a dream!


Let your dreams lead you. Your dreams for the future have power, but they require action. Use your ideas to define your goals, make a plan.


What is it about cowboys? He's on his horse, he's with part of his herd, he faces a fabulous horizon, wonder what's on his mind.


Dare to dream. Live like someone left the gate open.


Field of dreams. One can just imagine the solitude.


Bliss. Alone. Ocean waves. Protection. Time to think, or not.


Can he touch the hand of God? No, he’s seeing it. He is also seeing the wonder of it all


True love. Love can last forever. (052512)

Gone fishin' gets meaning. These two lads on this day were the only two we saw who were living life right! They were fishing from a dock on Leigh Flowage in Oconto County, Wisconsin, just what a couple of guys outta do on a warm June Sunday. These guys will lionize these days as they get older. Right now, they're dreaming of catching that big one. Photo credit: Ed Marek, Marek Enterprise (082107)

Don't sweat it kid, she'll fit good some day. Youngsters attending Summer Camp at the Fire Museum in Beaumont, Texas get to try on a firefighter's turnout gear. Not shown in this photo is another kid trying on the oxygen mask. Others are standing by anxiously waiting their turns. Many, many firefighters first got the idea of making that their profession when they were kids like this. Presented by the Fire Museum.

USAF Vision 2006. "Let me be clear. We cannot now or ever lose sight of the fact that the mission of the United States Air Force is to fly and to fight.” General T. Michael Moseley, United States Air Force Chief of Staff, 2005-Present.

The sweet smell of love, the sweet smell of home. One can only imagine the thoughts, images and drewams that are racing through this soldier's mind. Photo credit: John Moore, AP

Somethin' from nothin', the American way. Gary Dougherty built kind of a crazy looking "Farmers Chopper" from a $20 garage sale 17.5 hp riding mower, and two old bike frames. It is shown above. He seems to have established his own class of creations! That's him riding her. Below see what he started with.


Reflecting Absence, a permanent memorial at the World Trade Center site, along with the entirely new Freedom Tower for New York City. This will be a permanent memorial at the World Trade Center site. In what became the largest design competition in history, the winning memorial design, Reflecting Absence by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker, has been unveiled. Photo courtesy of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

Dreams create innovation. This is a 16-inch-wheel bicycle, designed by Scott S. Shim, assistant professor of visual and performing arts at Purdue University. It could erase the need for parents to hold on to the back of a two-wheel bicycle as their child learns how to ride. The bike, called SHIFT, was created by Shim and two students. Their design topped 853 entrants from 56 countries to win the $15,000 first prize in the 9th International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan. Photo credit: Purdue News Service-AP

"This is a dream I've had for a long time..." Steve Fossett's Virgin Atlantic GlobaFlyer approaches the coast of Morocco March 1, 2005. Fossett successfully returned to home base, the airport in Salina, Kansas, on March 3, 2005. He became the first person to make a solo flight around the world without refueling. His single-engine jet-powered experimental plane touched down about 67 hours after he left the same strip on February 28. Photo credit: Thierry Boccon-Gibod, Reuters

"No job, no house, no boss, no schedule, no commitments, no pension, no insurance, no other words, on top of the world. And all because one day in 1983 we bought a secondhand motorcycle." This is a photo of Keith Kimber who rode his bike to Moscow. Photo credit: Keith Kimber, presented by Motorcycle Escape.

SpaceShipOne, a giant step to commercial space flight. On October 4, 2004, SpaceShipOne rocketed into history, becoming the first private manned spacecraft to exceed an altitude of 328,000 feet twice within the span of a 14 day period, thus claiming the ten million dollar Ansari X-Prize. In addition to meeting the altitude requirement to win the X-Prize, pilot Brian Binnie also broke the August 22, 1963 record by Joseph A. Walker, who flew the X-15 to an unofficial world altitude record of 354,200 feet.  Brian Binnie's SpaceShipOne flight carried him all the way to 367,442 feet or 69.6 miles above the Earth's surface. Shown just before touchdown at 90 mph, SpaceShipOne returns to the runway. Photo courtesy of Scaled Composites LLC

Here's a look at from the inside of the cockpit. Awesome!


This is the "Dreamliner." Boeing, arguably the world’s greatest commercial aircraft producer, has been having some fun coming up with a new aircraft, dubbed the 7E7, named by a quasi-popular global vote the “Dreamliner.” The 7E7 is due to start commercial flight operations in 2008, and it looks like a jewel. What makes it look that way? The design, the look, and the name. And perhaps even the marketing concept, if it can be transferred to the airlines that will fly it --- treat the passenger as a customer. Wow, what a long overdue innovation!

This are Saturn's rings, by Cessini! A few days before it entered orbit around Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft captured this natural color view of Saturn's rings, taken Wednesday, July 21, 2004, by NASA.