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The 459th Twin Dragon Fighter squadron, Burma Banshees

The Men (continued and again)

459th FS Tech Supply and the sergeant who works there.

That's Walker in the middle, so these must be his main guys.

Walker again on the right.

Dudes! You will recall Chittagong was close to the Bay of Bengal.

Believe this is MSgt Walker at his quarters. On the back of this photo, he noted, "No. 1, March 20, Friday, 1942."

This is an interesting shot. It looks like these guys are filling a P-38 extended fuel tank, located on the left.

Here's a closer look at the tank being filled.

This too is an interesting photo. There's old MSgt. Walker, looking thinner. But you can see what look like oil drums, petrol cans, and in the background, if you look carefully, parked P-38s.

This is, perhaps, the classic shot. War won. Let's go home! I love this photo.
I want to close this page with what may or may not be two historic photos.

Lord Mountbatten reviewing the troops.

Mountbatten speaking.

The writing on the back of both photos say this:
"Signing of Peace Treaty with Japan in Rangoon."
The British reoccupied Rangoon on May 3, 1945. On August 28, 1945 Japanese military commanders came to Rangoon to negotiate the surrender of Japanese forces in Southeast Asia. The formal surrender occurred in Singapore on September 12, 1945, with Lord Mountbatten. I have seen photos of Mountbatten reading the order of the day on the steps of the Municipal Building in Singapore after the signing, and the above photo does not resemble that at all, so I am not sure where this took place.

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