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The 459th Twin Dragon Fighter squadron, Burma Banshees

The Men (continued yet again)

Well, this is an example of the nose art of the day. My guess is this is a panel from the front side of an aircraft, just aft of the guns. It most likely is off the nose of a P-38 that was not flying any more, for whatever reason. It's located in front of some tents. I searched high and low to try to find this nose on the web but so far no joy.

It looks like he's photographing a bomb crater.

Good lookin' bunch of dudes.

This is a technical sergeant. In the photo above this one, he is in the back row, second from the left, hat bent upwards.

That's MSgt. Herb Walker seated, and it looks like there are three Indian military guards posing with him. They no doubt provided security for the air base.

Again, MSgt. Herb Walker to the left, and it appears a British soldier or officer on the right. I believe this to be at Kurmitola Airfield as I have seen 490th BS photos of their quarters there and they look exactly the same as in this photo.

That looks like Walker on the right. His son said he believed he was in maintenance, and this garb sure seems to confirm that. No doubt Walker was the head enlisted man in maintenance.

The "Deer Hunters." The guy to the left looks like he's struttin'.


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