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The 459th Twin Dragon Fighter squadron, Burma Banshees

The Men (continued)

Bomb away!

Into squadron operations.

At the barracks with an Indian who probably kept the place straightened and clean and helped the men with their uniforms, etc. Often known as a "houseboy" in those days.

The chaplain has always played a major role in the lives of men at war. This is interesting if compared to what chaplains had when they were on the front lines. This looks like a pretty good set-up.

Looks like these guys are building something.

Don't know his name, but he almost looks like one might imagine to be a young Robert Redford! Even a Bill Clinton.

I like this photo because it gives a good look at some living quarters. I want to zoom in to show you the man better, and perhaps the inside of the barracks.

You can see mosquito netting surrounding the bunks, and it looks like they have it over the portals as well, rolled up and brought down at night.

Another look at living quarters, with three guys sitting on the "porch." A close-up on them follows.

I blew this up a bit, but still not a bad look.


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