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Edward S. Marek founded MAREK in August 1987 and has served as its president since that time. Upon his retirement from the United States Air Force in 1987, Mr. Marek’s company worked within the American and European defense industries, assisting several of the world's largest high technology businesses in developing new business and technology applications. He also helped them convert their advanced and emerging defense technologies to commercial applications, identifying and evaluating the international potential of products and services, and designing global competitiveness initiatives.

He then switched his focus to information services, setting up two content-oriented internet stations, "Your dot com for Africa" in August 1996 and "Talking Proud, USA - Service & Sacrifice" in March 2003. He brought 17 years entrepreneurial leadership experience in the high technology, business management and international political analysis fields and 20 years in the USAF signals intelligence profession to these web stations. Mr. Marek reluctantly closed the highly successful Africa web site to concentrate on the "Talking Proud” internet station, concentrating on what is good about America and Americans, and when possible, Canada and Canadians as well. He would later establish one more,“Wisconsin Central, The people, the land, the culture.

Mr. Marek concluded a distinguished 20-year career with the United States Air Force in 1987, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel. During his military career, he served in a variety of challenging command, operational and staff positions in the communications, intelligence, and force planning fields. His roles included commanding and operating the Air Force’s tactical intelligence and communications hubs in Europe and on the Korean peninsula, operating tactical intelligence reconnaissance flights over Southeast Asia during the Indochina War, and managing and deploying the ground systems components of an advanced strategic space system.

Mr. Marek holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Buffalo and successfully completed all course work for a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma. He is also a graduate of the USAF's Air War College. Mr. Marek left the Washington, DC area in 2006 and moved to Wausau in central Wisconsin.